About Jared Lord

I was born into a working class family in Southern Massachusetts, and was raised to value honesty, integrity, and hard work in all aspects of life.  My dad was an IBEW welder who recently retired from National Grid to focus on the small family farm, and his passion for blacksmithing.  My mom works for a large hospitality group in southern Massachusetts.

As a teen, I attended Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School in Fall River, MA , and later attended University of Massachusetts Lowell for one year to study music.  My career was predominately in entry level customer service and retail positions prior to returning to college and earning a BA in Psychology at UMASS Dartmouth. I developed an interest in analyzing social issues from an economic standpoint. Taking full advantage of the elective courses offered at the college, I was lucky enough to study a broad range of subjects, including constitutional law, economics, history, biology, and chemistry before graduating Psi Chi.  My post-graduate career continued at the New England School of Acupuncture, where in addition to the standard courses, I worked closely with a visiting professor to develop a research project examining the neurological aspects of addiction.  The school was less than enthusiastic about this project, and pressured me to drop it, so I decided to leave the program.  In 2009, tired of shoveling snow, I moved to Southern Nevada.

My political life began with my high school economics teacher.  It was my first exposure to free market principles in a region of the country that is almost unanimously Democrat.  At this time, Massachusetts had a very popular Republican governor named Bill Weld, who demonstrated the benefits of social tolerance and fiscal responsibility.  In 1996, after seeing a short clip of Harry Browne on television, I immediately recognized that the Libertarian Party shared my values, and cast the first of many votes for a Libertarian candidate.  In 2011, I was appointed Gary Johnson’s Nevada State Director, and registered Libertarian when the campaign changed parties.  After the 2012 election, I volunteered for Our America Initiative, a nonpartisan 501(c)4 PAC, dedicated to bringing Libertarian perspectives to the local, state, and national conversations.  I have resigned from this position upon winning the Libertarian Party nomination for Governor of Nevada.

During my campaign in 2018, I pointed out stringent economic issues within our area. While schools were claiming that there was not sufficient funding for them to operate, the real problem was their poor financial management. To this day, a lot of funds are wasted on bureaucracy, keeping non-essential jobs that do not justify the spendings. I proposed reducing as much as 75% of the administrative body in school systems and directing the funds towards educating future generations. The same pattern can be noticed with taxation. I believe that our tax money doesn’t serve us as taxpayers. The funds are poorly managed and the system should work for the people, not the other way around.

I work for the Maverick Aviation Group in the customer service and reservations department where I enjoy the close-knit environment of a family owned business.  In my spare time I freelance as a musician, and as part of the crew of the Mahal Empire Production Company.  Prior to moving to Nevada, I worked in a variety of social service roles for prisoners, the mentally ill, and the homeless.

My daughter is grown and  residing in Maine, and wishes to have her privacy respected at this time.  My family are almost exclusively located in the northeast, and while I do miss them, and the little things like the style of pizza available,  the lobster prices, and the various cuisines that are not available here, Nevada is my home.  I have enjoyed all the new experiences and friendships I have made over the years here.

For fun, I play several instruments and love to cook.  While sharing recipes with others is a hobby of mine,  please do not ask me to share my grandmother’s pierogi recipe, as it is a closely guarded family secret.